Debt-Free Degree

For the past month, I have gotten back into listening to the Ramsey Show. There is a podcast, a YouTube channel, and a website you can listen to the show on. I don’t listen to it on the radio.

Debt-Free Degree

Debt-Free Degree

Many years ago, I used to listen to Dave Ramsey and read a couple of his books. When I was in college, I took a course in financial principles from Crown Financial Concepts. Ramsey teaches the same biblical principles.

I have always had fun seeing how he tells people to apply sound, conservative fiscal values to their everyday situations. This show informs, but it also entertains.

To my surprise, I discovered Dave Ramsey has surrounded himself with five personalities to help people on specific topics: relationships, businesses run by women, career, going to college, and teaching children about money. These five different people take turns doing the Ramsey show with him.

Anthony Oneal focuses on how to pay for college. He has written several books on the subject and has his own YouTube channel (The Table with Anthony Oneal). I read “Debt-Free Degree” on my Libby app and gave it to my son to read it, as well. He is in 7th grade – the perfect age to start projecting and planning for college, according to the book.

I highly recommend this book no matter what age your children are. Oneal will tell you exactly what you and your child need to do every grade through middle school and high school in order to cash flow college. Student loans are a no-no. Don’t make that mistake. Start planning and saving and educating your child about how to pay for college without student loans.

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