Finishing Strong

Here we are, at the end of another school year. Pandemic craziness notwithstanding, we have managed to get it done. The kids have had taekwondo practices since September, taken violin and piano lessons via Zoom, participated in Science Olympiad and Spelling Bee, and read numerous books.

We have attended church, as well, but not as often as we would have liked. Nevertheless, they managed to get on the schedule for special music to perform up front both in violin and piano. It’s a form of serving others, sharing their musical skills.



Overall, I am pleased with this school year. Clearly, some things have emerged: our son started algebra I, got a really nice score in his first ACT, and is clearly into computer technology.

We had to switch umbrella schools in order to accommodate his level. Next year, in 8th grade, he will take three credits for high school. Where we were this year, they do not allow that unless you do a five-year high school, which we did not want to do.

Our daughter did well on his national standardized test and she has made a lot of progress in both violin and piano. I am glad we do not have to worry about a particular date in March for this test we used to take at our old umbrella school. This date became the point from which I counted back 30 weeks or so in order to know when to start school with them. I look forward to starting whenever we are ready to start.

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