Book 39 of 50 – The Einkorn Cookbook

You might know that I write a lifestyle column for my local newspaper, The Mountain Press. This local couple who reads my column regularly wrote to me about The Einkorn Cookbook (affiliate link) by Shanna and Tim Mallon, in response to one of my columns about eating gluten.

The Einkorn Cookbook

Great book to own

I bought the book because I was already experimenting with einkorn flour and other ancient grains and pseudo-grains. Reading a cookbook from cover to cover proved entertaining, enlightening, and relatively easy. I shall do it again and again. And hey, it counts as a book, right?

So far, my favorite recipe with einkorn flour is cinnamon buns. One might call them doughnut holes wrapped in cinnamon sugary goodness. But these melt-in-your mouth treats are healthier for you than doughnuts, because you bake them.

The book contains many illustrations. I cannot wait to go page by page and make all the recipes. Einkorn does not have as much gluten as modern wheat and it is easier to digest.

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