Lessons from the First Week

We started on August 5 this year because we needed to have 150 school days before their nationally standardized test in March 2020. That is how I know when to start. I give myself 150 days of instruction not because I have to, but because I want to.

Why send them to this test unprepared? It would only demoralize them. As I have written here before, we do not think the standardized test represents the benchmark of our success in homeschooling. However, it is a strong indicator of our level right now.

The first week going back into homeschooling is always rough. Last year, the first day was one of the roughest we have ever had. This year, I wanted to make sure we start on the right foot. I kept some icecream coupons they earned for their reading from the Library and I took the kids to get icecream after lunch.


The Most Important Lessons

My husband took pictures of us in the yard. The kids made signs to hold up. You can tell how much effort each of them put into it. At this point, I do not insist on pretty signs. I offered to make some on the computer but they wanted to make their own. Oh well. It is what it is.

Same about clothes. I told them to dress however they were most comfortable. If we do not take advantage of the flexibility of homeschooling, what is the point? I do not want to make them self-conscious about fashion choices. They have plenty of time for that later on.

As usual, I overplanned and overscheduled our curriculum. Every day this first week I have had to scale back something in the Morning Basket or things I planned to do during lunch. Forget it. It is not going to happen. I am just so happy to chew my food and not have to talk during lunch. I will not be able to cover the book I planned for lunch. What was I thinking?

Overplanning is a recipe for burnout. Learn from me. Plan less. That’s my lesson from Week 1 of this new school year.

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