5 Days of Homeschool Essentials, Day 3 – A Support Group

When I started researching homeschooling, I looked at the internet (worldwide search), which directed me to HSLDA (national organization supporting homeschoolers legally in the US), which directed me to THEA (Tennessee Home Education Association – my state’s Christian homeschooling support group).

Which directed me to SMHEA (Smoky Mountains Home Education Association – our regional support group), which directed me to the EDGE (Empowering Disciples through Godly Education – a local co-op), which lead me to Sevier County Homeschooling Group – a support group for homeschoolers in my county.

EDGE homeschool co-op students in Seymour, TN

My children and other EDGE students on their first day of homeschool co-op, August 2012. My children were only two and four at the time – how time flies.

I attend the Sevier County Homeschoolers’ monthly Parent Support Night and it helps me so much. There’s something to be said about socialization, you know? I say that tongue-in-cheek, of course.

We bring some food, share a few things that happened in our homeschools, ask a few questions, get some answers, have a devotional, and win a door prize (or not). Good ol’ fellowship with like-minded moms while the kiddos are at home with their dads goes a looooong way.

These are my people. Homeschooling moms.

When I meet a homeschooling mom, we have an instant connection.

We get it.

We dig each other.

We know what it’s like to feel called.

We know how it feels to put our noses to the homeschooling grind every morning.

Homeschooling moms must have a support group to get started, to keep going and to successfully reach the finish line, a.k.a. graduation.

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5 Days of Homeschooling Essentials

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4 thoughts on “5 Days of Homeschool Essentials, Day 3 – A Support Group

  1. We belong to two groups and they are such a blessing to us! Through the groups we have gotten access to learning opportunities and field trips we would not have otherwise, not to mention the friendships, support, and fellowship!

  2. A support group, whatever it looks like, is indeed a must-have. I wish we had a group as big and supportive as what you have. We do have a group that does some activities but we have not felt really comfortable there. We do have a lot of support at church and from family and friends. It makes all the difference!

  3. I agree! Getting together with other homeschooling moms is a must; even if it’s just for coffee once or twice a month.

    I’m happy for you- it sounds like you have an excellent support group there. 🙂

    ~Heather @ Principled Academy/the Crew

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