5 Days of Homeschool Essentials, Day 2 – A Library Card

When I decided I was going to homeschool, I started doing more serious research. Until then, I had read some about what homeschooling is and how it can be done. But now that it was official and we were going to homeschool for sure, it was time to make a list of lists and get to reading all those books I had heard about.

Children's librarian plays dominoes with boy and girl

Ms. Ethel playing dominoes with my kids after Story Time

I decided to look into my local library‘s resources, although I did not think I would find anything there. After all, we live in an exemplary school system and a small town. Homeschoolers are scant to non-existent. Why would the library provide homeschooling books?

I sheepishly asked the librarian if they had a homeschooling section. She said, “Sure. Let me show you where it is.” She took me there and motioned to half a shelf of books, many of which were on my list.

My list, by the way, originated from a website run by the local homeschool support organization. Their motto was, “We have combed the shelves so you don’t have to.” Their list of seven homeschooling books represented the cream of the crop. Wonder of wonders, my library had most of them.

I was so excited, I was in tears. Tears of joy. My local library had most of the books to get me started on this journey. When I walked back to my seat at Story Time, another mom saw my armful of books and their titles. She leaned over and asked, “Are you going to homeschool?” I said, “Probably,” and waited for a gasp of horror.

She beamed and said, “We will, too.” I could not believe it. Now it was really hard to blink back the tears.

Coming to the library that morning, I thought I would not find much support. Not only did I find the homeschooling books I needed, I also found a kindred spirit in this other homeschooling mom.

I got books from the library for “Before Five in A Row” or for my reading list from “Books Children Love.” We get books the kids pick out every time we go there for Story Time. Last year, we saved $1,700 by using our local library instead of purchasing the books we read.

We attend Story Time regularly. Ms. Ethel, the children’s librarian, faithfully puts programs together which include reading, then a craft or a game. Summer Reading Programs provide great opportunities for learning, as well.

Need I say more? If the library cannot help you homeschool for free, it can definitely help you homeschool for less.

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5 Days of Homeschooling Essentials

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9 thoughts on “5 Days of Homeschool Essentials, Day 2 – A Library Card

  1. Hi! I enjoyed your post. It reminded me to be thankful for my library and librarians.

    I shared your post on a wonderful new resource a friend posted on my local homeschool forum. You can find the resource at http://www.storytimesandmoreonthego.blogspot.com It is a weekly sharing of ideas for parents, teachers, and librarians. It is called Storytimes and More Saturday Share. I recommend it for any homeschoolers.

    Thank you for writing about the importance of libraries to homeschoolers.
    Mollie homeschooling mom

  2. We, too, use the library weekly! I consistently have 50-75 books out on the various subjects we are studying. And, since the girls love to read and read voraciously, it keeps us (mostly) in reading material for them that is fresh and new. We love our library!!

  3. Love the pictures of Ms. Ethel. Love to read your blog. Miss not seeing you every week at storytime-maybe Jasper will be ready by spring to come. Girls are both doing well and still homeschooled. So sorry to hear of your family’s loss.

  4. Besides a teeny tiny local library, the largest substantial library is 40 minutes away, and we would have to pay a fee to check books out because we don’t live in the county that it is located in. The library in our county is over an hour away. SO, I am so thankful that I found out about a regional library that networks 29 libraries in 5 different counties, AND I can check out books by mail! I was so so THRILLED when I found out about it. It’s not the same as going to the libraries, but I can get all the same books! It is such a blessing.

  5. The library is our number one resource, too. The money I save on those kinds of books, I use on expensive curriculum instead, like All About Reading. 🙂

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