Youth Symphony Fall Concert

How is this possible? How did I not blog about my pride and joy, the youth symphony concerts which have already happened this season? So back in November, our children with their respective orchestras played at the Tennessee Theater in Knoxville.

The Tennessee Theater

The Tennessee Theater

There are six orchestras. Our daughter plays in Philharmonia (the one in the middle) and our son plays in the Youth Chamber (the second from the top). The music is gorgeous.

Here is the YouTube link to Philharmonia’s 2022 Fall Concert.

Here is the YouTube link to the Youth Chamber’s 2022 Fall Concert.

Philharmonia plays arrangements of classical pieces or original pieces written by contemporary Americans. The Youth Chamber plays classical repertoire. It is glorious.

I remember the days we dreamed of our children being in the Youth Chamber – it seemed very far away, in the distant future. That future is here now.

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