Week 5 – Done

Week 5 revolved around getting a new cat from an ailing relative and medical appointments: the six-week orthodontic checkups for the children and the yearly physicals for the parents. Also, the weekly allergy shots our daughter gets. On top of that, our son had a lingering cough. We had to get it checked up. The doctor said “fall allergies” and no antibiotics needed.

Cat and teenage boy

Our son trying to study with his new buddy, OC, nearby

I am still recovering from the stings I got in the National Park two weeks ago. I cannot lift much – my elbow hurts. This has worked out great, because I got the kids into the kitchen more than usual and they cooked under my supervision.

Then our daughter got a sore throat, followed promptly by me. As a result, we did not hike or go to church this week. They canceled the hike anyway: sickness, extended family visiting, a skunk sprayed a member (I kid you not!). So we did not miss out on the hike.

Bed rest allowed me to read extensively and catch up on computer work and paying bills. There is no rest for the weary kind.


Other Changes

Harp lesson happened virtually and our son had no taekwondo because his instructor was attending a conference. We have to stay on top of things, you see. Even without violin lessons and orchestra, our schedule keeps us busy.

Cat looking at raccoon

We feed outside cats, but this week we got a surprise visitor. Shrub, our only cat until this week, is watching it.

Co-op classes happened as normal and we have gotten into a routine. Our son is taking Chemistry with Lab there and I am grateful for it. I did not want to mess with a chemistry lab at home. This is why we go to co-op: to delegate courses I do not want to teach to those who want to teach them.

It gladdened my heart to see our son wanted to resubmit his homework after receiving a lower grade on it. I did not push for it. He wanted to do it. Good. I am more hands-off these days. Withdrawing gradually from their schoolwork must happen as they hit high school.

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