Weeks 16, 17 – Done

We had a more relaxed week last week, without co-op and with a hike. No complaints here about staying home and “only” homeschooling.

Middle Prong Trail Bench

Middle Prong Trail Bench

These days, I find myself in the kitchen a lot. Not only do my children eat more, but they want healthier, from scratch meals. I really enjoy cooking for them. As a result, I have been buying more cookbooks and even reading some cookbooks from the Libby app. It’s fun.

Then, it was time for a cubing competition for our son and sewing lesson for our daughter. These are their own dreams and goals. It feels good not to have to coax and cajole anymore. They do what they do because they want to.

Cubing comp

Our son (red hat) competing at Rocky Top 2023

In the midst of all this business, I never got a chance to update the blog, so into the 17th week we went. We had two Christmas parties to attend: one at co-op and one with the hiking group, at a cabin near our house. It was a lot of fun.

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