Tuesday Tome Week 50 – Prayer for the Day

Prayer for the Day is a devotional published by BBC Radio 4 in several formats. I bought the Kindle version and have been enjoying it for almost a month. It has 365 daily devotionals, so you can plan on having this for the whole year.

Prayer for the Day

Of course, nothing stops you from reading several daily devotionals in one sitting. Sometimes I do that with my devotionals – I run ahead. But if I am reading several things for my “daily bread,” then I just read one page a day from this devotional.

What is different about this devotional is that it offers prayers and food for thought from different denominations and religions. At first, I dismissed this book as an ecumenical, one-world-religion type of effort. But I decided to give it a try and have not been disappointed. If anything, it has taught me a lot about the messages of peace and neighborly love which all major religions of the world espouse.

Apparently, BBC Radio 4 has been airing these daily devotionals and prayers for several decades. You can listen to them every day on their website, but they will be different from the book. The book was written several years ago and, obviously, it contains different material than what the BBC is putting out day in and day out this year.

So you can get it daily in two different formats – the book and the radio program online – and they will have different materials. Some of the stories are really cute, like the story of this cat in St. Andrews – yes, the town where Prince William and Catherine Middleton met at university. Others are sad and others are inspirational to the point of tears.

I like this devotional so far and thought I would mention it here, though for obvious reasons I chose not to read it in one week. What devotionals have you found helpful?

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