Tuesday Tome

Drum roll please… Announcing a new series for the new year, called Tuesday Tome.

Every Tuesday in 2016 I will post about a book I read in the previous week. Yes, I am going there. I will challenge myself to reading one book per week. That will be 52 books in 52 weeks. I want to slow down my writing and increase my reading. I am in need of filling and feeling. 

Think of it as my Book of the Week Club. You are invited to come along and read my reviews. If the book sounds intriguing, you might want to read it for yourself after your read my blog post about it. I will not give away all its secrets. If you have read it already, I would love a little feedback.

Books come in different shapes and sizes, but the average book will be 250 pages, give or take 100. Categories will include: homeschooling, parenting, The Well-Educated Mind list, business, blogging, relationships, Anna Porter Public Library Book Group List for 2016 and others.

How I plan to accomplish this: by reading 40 pages a day – 20 in the morning before everybody wakes up and 20 in the evening after the children have gone to bed. Of course, there will be days when they play happily and I get some reading done during the day, especially on days when I did not wake up early enough or I am going to bed early because I do get tired early on some days. There will be the days when I halt everything just to finish the book – because it’s that good. And then there are the days when they have piano lessons and violin lessons and soccer practice and I sit there on the sidelines, happily, with my book.

Here are some of the questions I will tackle in the posts about each book:

  1. Title? Author? Number of pages?
  2. Where can you get it?
  3. Did I enjoy it?
  4. One thing I remember about the book.
  5. Three things I learned from this book.
  6. Did it remind me of other books?
  7. Fiction or nonfiction? Chronicle or fable?
  8. Was it easy to read? Do I agree with it?
  9. Recommended for your child? At what age?
  10. Any other thoughts and considerations.

I hope you are as excited as I am. I hope to inspire some of you who think you do not have time to read. I hope to gain more knowledge and wisdom as I proceed in this direction. Most of all, I hope to have fun. The kind of fun that I enjoy: intellectual fun.

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