Trident Case Review

This post is a review for The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew of a product called Kraken A.M.S. Case for Apple Mini 1/2.

Trident Case produces different shapes and colors of these rugged cases for many of your electronics. We have been using a Trident Case for our mini iPad for a few weeks and it just so happens that we got a red one. But the color, of course, does not matter as much as the question, “Will this case protect my iPad?”

Trident Case Review
This blue one, for instance, is super cute. I suppose the answer to the above question depends on what you plan on doing with your iPad. It also depends on your environment, how old your children are and how much you travel with your mini iPad.

If you happen to have a mini iPad 1 or mini iPad 2, you will want to look into a protective case for it. These sturdy iPad cases may seem like a lot of money – this particular one costs $59.95. But when you just shelled hundreds of dollars on an Apple product, you will naturally want to protect it.

This product is for all ages, of course, because, these days, all ages use mini iPads. In our home, my husband uses it more than anybody else. I am more of a Kindle gal while the kids – well – we keep them away from media as much as possible. The only thing they do on the mini iPad is an occasional Crossfingers puzzle or watch a short funny cat video with daddy – as a reward for good behavior.

Personally, I don’t travel much with my iPad, but my children are small. So the danger of breaking it comes to us at home. Even though the kids follow most house rules, they do have those days when they behave like children, carefree and carelessly. One day, daddy allowed our daughter a few minutes of puzzles on the mini iPad. He walked away to take care of something for a few minutes in another room. When he came back, the iPad was on the floor. She was done and had gone on to play with something else. He almost stepped on the iPad.

Good news: Trident cases are made to military standards when it comes to dust, vibration, drop, sand, and rain. The tests were done independently. More good news: they come in five colors – red, black, green, blue and pink.

With a weight of only 0.47 lbs, you will not add too much to your purse should you choose to carry it with you as you leave the house.

Regardless of color, Trident cases are green, i.e. eco-friendly green. I find it interesting that this case is so green, it is made of components that are recyclable, degradable and compostable. Wow!

If your lifestyle takes you biking, never fear, there’s a mount for your Trident case (which you must buy separately). If your lifestyle includes kids on the back seat, asking for the next French lesson video while you drive them to their violin lesson (and whose kids don’t?), there is a special holder for your Trident case (which you must buy separately).

They have so many of these accessories, you can even get a hand strap. That’s called flexibility and freedom in my book.

The screen is protected as well, though if you sat on it, it would not protect your device. Everything has its limits. The back of the device is protected by two layers – an inner layer made of silicone, which absorbs shocks, covered by an outer later made of hardened polycarbonate.

The corners are also made of the same double layer to protect it as much as possible. Great feature: the Kraken A.M.S. protects speakers, audio jacks and power ports from dirt and debris.

All in all, you should seriously give this device a chance and, at the very least, put it on a list next to its competitors to consider its pros and cons.

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