Thoughtful Thursday Week 18 – Biltmore

We have been meaning to go back to the Biltmore ever since we got engaged there, 10 years and two children ago. But, somehow, we never managed to get back there. Asheville, NC is a gorgeous city and the Biltmore Estate has always fascinated us. Now that Belk sponsored an exhibit of over 45 Downton Abbey costumes, we decided we just absolutely, positively, no doubt about it had to make it to the Biltmore.

Family on the Biltmore House balcony

Our family on the Biltmore House balcony

Our children loved this field trip. It was their first time at the Biltmore and they enjoyed everything. They have so many things to do there, we decided to upgrade our daily tickets to an annual pass because we shall definitely return several times in the next 12 months. Today we only had time for the House tour, lunch, the gift shop, and Antler Hill Farm (a petting zoo with goats, hens, and roosters).

We learned that the Naked Neck hen was bred in Transylvania. Well, as one who was born in Transylvania, I was proud to find a bit of home right there on the Biltmore Estate. At least we contributed an interesting hen, right? The farmer took the time to bring a kid for our children to pet, and then a rooster. The farmer pointed out the scales on the rooster’s feet and told the kids all birds have scales on their feet, because all birds are related to dinosaurs. Zoology. Check.

Boy and girl with the Biltmore House in the background.

Our children with the Biltmore House in the background.

On future trips, we will stop at the gardens for a botany lesson. We also plan on biking and hiking their trails. Bike rentals are free for members, so I don’t have to haul our bikes from home.

Boy and girl looking at newborn kids

Looking at four-day-old kids

Christmas at Biltmore gets advertised a lot in Sevierville, our county seat, and we plan to make it there this year. They also have plenty of special events and concerts through the summer and fall, including a homeschool week in September.

Last but not least, we would like to bring some dear friends to the Biltmore – since we have memberships, our friends get a discount. Children petting a Naked Neck hen.

This hen was bred in Transylvania a long time ago. It is called the Naked Neck.

We live only 90 minutes away from Asheville, NC but the highway that takes us there is considered the most dangerous road in the nation. It is I-40, but with lots of curves, ups and downs, two tunnels and rock slides. This is the main reason we don’t find ourselves in Asheville that often. Today I noticed that only 30 miles of that interstate are really tough to navigate. Can you tell I am psyching myself up for future rides over there?

For more information about the Biltmore Estate, you can visit their website here. For the next homeschool event, please click here.

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