Thoughtful Thursday Week 14 – Easter

So this is Easter week. We skipped ahead about 20 stories in our Betty Lukens Through The Bible In Felts curriculum, to the story of the crucifixion. My daughter has been telling me she really likes that story. We have been hearing about it in church in the weeks leading up to Easter, of course. She has also been looking through the Bible curriculum trying to find it. When she did, she asked for it and that’s how I decided to skip ahead for Good Friday’s devotional.

The crucifixion scene on a felt board

The crucifixion scene on our felt board

At the Library, for Story Time, they listened to stories about the Easter Bunny and they decorated eggs: some black ones with chalk, and some white ones with paint. It saved me the trouble of doing that at home. In a perfect world, eggs and bunnies, pagan fertility symbols, would not mix with the story of Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection… But we do not live in a perfect world.

Little girl painting an Easter Egg at the Library

My daughter painting an Easter Egg at the Library

We also attended a picnic with our friends from the Sevier County Homeschool Group. I was glad this year there was not as much candy as last year. The kids found quite a few eggs, but some had small toys or decorative paper clips inside. Very neat!

Thoughtful Thursday Week 14 - Easter

I grew up under Communism in Romania and we used to listen to The Voice of America broadcasts. That’s where I first heard about an Easter Egg Hunt. I was touched there was even one at the White House. Easter Egg Hunts seemed like such an incredibly fun thing to do. We did not have them in Romania and I don’t even think they have them now, at least not as much as in the US. 

Earlier in the week, we attended the Sevier County Hospitality Show in Pigeon Forge, where daddy had a booth for one of his businesses, 90×, a virtual tour company. Every year at this trade show, I put my business card in to win these two Easter Bunnies from a sign company. I don’t know what I would do with them. We already have too many stuffed animals. But don’t you think these guys look adorable? I can’t resist them. By the way, the sign company owner told me that one year he did not bring the bunnies and heard all kinds of protests about it. People came to him asking him again and again where the bunnies were. So he decided the bunnies had to come back year after year. It helps that the show happens on the last Tuesday in March.

Easter Bunnies at the Hospitality Show

Easter Bunnies at the Hospitality Show

When I took the kids to the bank on Easter Week, we met a black bear posing as the Easter Bunny. Can you tell we live in the Smokies?

Easter Bunny Black Bear

Easter Bunny Black Bear at the bank

Last but not least, I am proud to tell you that I finished knitting their vests just in time for the Easter service at church. Growing up, we did not attend church regularly. My parents took us to church only once a year, for Easter. We wore new clothes. This year, like never before, I felt strongly about getting my kids something new to wear for Easter. I did not know if I could finish the vests on time, but apparently I could.

The pattern was from a beginner knitting book. I am glad to be back in the knitting world after decades of inactivity.

Boy and girl with knitted vests

My children at church, wearing vests knitted by their mommy

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