Thanksgiving Break

We only take three days off for Thanksgiving. For my nonAmerican readers, Thanksgiving always happens on a Thursday – the fourth Thursday of November. I cook a lot on Wednesday and Thursday, we have our family luncheon on Thursday, and then on Friday they decorate the Christmas tree. Thus commences the Christmas season at our house.

Thanksgiving Plate

Thanksgiving plate (clockwise): dressing, vegetarian turkey, cranberry salad, corn, green beans, potatoes, stuffed eggs, salad.

This year we had a cozy Thanksgiving, the four of us, and it was wonderfully relaxing. Besides, I came down with a bug the Sunday before, and spent Sunday-Wednesday in bed. No fever, no coughing, no sore throat, just a general fatigue that kept me in bed. So… the children took care of their own schooling on Monday and Tuesday.

They have workbooks to go through for different subjects. Plus, they work on their Science Olympiad Trello cards. The coaches have assignments for them to do in Trello. All they have to do is login, pick a card, and study away. So, next time you are sick, you could have some backup assignments for them in Trello. Ha!

We do not usually take a fall break. I was not sure if I should just give them the whole week off from school, due to my sickness, and because we had not had a fall break. But I ended up somewhere in the middle, with their workbooks and Trello cards for Science Olympiad.

Now that my children are in “middle school,” we don’t do crafts anymore. If you are looking for Thanksgiving crafts or books, put those terms in the search box on the right, at the top of the blog’s main page, and you will find previous posts.

Success Rule #1 in homeschooling: stay flexible. Rule #2: don’t overdo it. Rule #3: relax. Everything will work out.

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