Teaching Mathematics At The Primary Level

As homeschooling moms, we have favorite subjects we prefer to teach. Here’s an idea: if you really like a subject, you could totally extend the fun by getting an online degree yourself. Let’s take mathematics, for instance.

Mathematics are a core skill that everyone going through primary school will learn. It is fundamental to surviving in our modern world. Not only are mathematics useful, but the logical problem solving abilities that are gained by being able to process mathematics will resurface again and again. Teaching these skills effectively to young minds, then, is a task of critical importance.

There are methods and ways to improve the effectiveness of any teaching technique and of course gaining additional education is a huge help. By finishing a master of science in mathematics online one can be armed with exceptional analytical skills that are essential for teaching. Below are some tips on forming young minds in the area of mathematics.


Learn through Play

This is an effective method of teaching younger children and for creating an interest in mathematics basics. Using games, toys and other fun activities to incorporate fundamentals is a great way to lay down the foundations for more advanced concepts that will be taught later in life. Since a game is made of learning, the children are more receptive to learning and their attention can be kept for longer periods of time.


Activity Based Learning
While related to learning through play, activity based learning is usually geared towards an older student. In activity based learning, the students are engaged but the emphasis is more on learning and less on fun and games. Problems to solve and other mathematics based activities engage the student. Many of the same benefits exist, but usually more complex concepts can be introduced than through simple games. This would be the next step from a Learn through Play method of teaching.


Continuing Education

As with any profession, continuing education will serve to make you more proficient in your occupation. Our career is homeschooling our children. We should look at it in as professional a manner as possible. As with any master’s degree, a master of science in mathematics will allow you to narrow your field of study or delve into the specifics of your interests. The result is a better qualified individual with several areas of specialist expertise better qualifying you for your career as a primary school mathematics teacher. Getting this degree online is convenient.

These few tricks can only aid in your career of forming young minds in the ways of mathematics. Follow them if you are a dedicated homeschooling mom, a.k.a. a teaching professional who sets high educational standards and teaching etiquette.

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4 thoughts on “Teaching Mathematics At The Primary Level

  1. I can thank my 6-year-old for reawakening my interest in math. He naturally seems to think mathematically in a way I know I will never be able to keep up with. And yet, I know my goals for him, and I have a way to work towards them. I also think that as a Christian there is more to math than its “usefulness”…it shows forth the glory of God in a very special way, and I want my children to really see that more than I want them to master a certain set of skills that will be marketable or useful in their adult life (if I had to choose…).
    Anyway, you’ve talked about something I’ve become passionate about, as I think you can see. 🙂 I have blogged about our math journey so far, if you’re interested… https://plouffes.blogspot.ca/p/math.html

    • So I touched a good spot with you… Thanks for sharing your posts with me. I probed around and learned about the Stanford course. I am enrolled and just finished the second lesson. Learning great stuff about the brain, that’s for sure. 🙂

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