Mom Monday Week 12 – Visualize Your Success

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Professional athletes, high-powered CEOs, and the world’s best entertainers know a few secrets to success: passion, perseverance, hard work, a bit of luck, and visualization – among other things. I would like to zoom in on visualization for this week’s Mom Monday post. Homeschooling moms prepare for success, too. Why not learn from these accomplished individuals?

Homeschooling moms can visualize their success especially before a stressful days

Homeschooling moms can learn from successful people who visualize their stressful days ahead in a calm, positive way

First, a definition. Visualization is the formation of mental visual images. You may have seen skiers waiting to start their course visualizing themselves on the slopes, moving their shoulders left and right based on where they see themselves being, and bending their knees accordingly. The night before a big match, tennis players and other athletes also spend time visualizing themselves at key points in the game, applying strategies they have practiced and discussed with their coaches.

Why do they do that? Their muscles are ready. They are preparing their minds. Victory takes complete dedication. Training the muscles is not enough. One must train the mind to think victory.

Mom Monday Week 12 Visualize Your Success

In the same way, a homeschooling mom should visualize herself being successful in rearing her children. I believe prayer and meditation based on God’s Word provide an opportunity for visualization. As we claim the promises of God over our children, we can visualize them accepting Jesus as a personal Savior, passing exams with high grades, and making the right choices in every aspect of their lives. But visualization is more about your own behavior.  Continue reading »