Thoughtful Thursday Week 29 – Nesting

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For the new school year, I am getting ready. This nesting instinct came over me last week and it won’t let go. I am de-cluttering, going through closets, sorting, organizing, filling up bags for our local thrift store and feeling extremely happy in the process.

I printed out my chore charts and talked it over with the children. They are old enough to be allowed to choose the chores they are willing to do (beside the ones they must do) and they are young enough to be eager to help. It is the golden age of early childhood and I am riding the wave.

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If you have not yet downloaded my book which prepares your home and your school for the new school year, 21 Days to Jumpstart Your School, now is the time. This little book will guide you through three weeks of focused organization so that you can feel empowered to start homeschooling.

Now if you will excuse me, I have some organizing to do…