Middle School Curriculum Choices

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Recently, I shared how to plan for middle school. Some of you have asked to see our curriculum choices and so here they are:

5th grade

Bible – My Place With Jesus Bible Guide Set for Kids  + The Bible Story by Arthur Maxwell, 10 volumes (Can you believe we have owned this set for 10 years and have not read it? Shame!)

Writing – Writing with Ease, Level 3 + begin Writing with Skill, Level 1

Rod and Staff 5th grade Grammar

Rod and Staff 5th grade Grammar

Math – Math Mammoth, 5th grade – I have the PDFs to print out and put in a binder

Social Studies – Story of the World, Vol. 1 (plus recommendations for the Logic Stage from The Well-Trained Mind by Susan Wise Bauer) – this marks our second time through the cycle of SOTW, so we will skip the coloring and crafts. We will read more of the extra books recommended by Ms. Bauer and continue work on a timeline. I will have to add the geography recommendations as well. My 3rd grader will join us. My 5th grader will read extra books on topics that interest him.

Science, 5th grade, by Christian Schools International (The textbook, for $42. The rest of the offerings are overkill.)

Vocabulary – Wordly Wise 3000, Book 5

Spelling – Logic of English Essentials, Level C, Vol. 2 + 3

Grammar – Rod and Staff Grammar, called “Following the Plan” – I bought the entire set from Milestone Books, but Rainbow Resource has it slightly cheaper. I will know for next time.

French – Rosetta Stone Continue reading »