Tuesday Tome Week 44 – Portrait of A Lady

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Portrait of a Lady by Henry James is on the list of 32 novels recommended by Susan Wise Bauer in The Well-Educated Mind. You can get this book for free on Kindle or from your local library.

Portrait of a Lady

It represents an important novel in the Western history of literature, but it will not teach you so much that you will have to refer to it over and over again. I did not like the protagonist and the plot is sad. What’s worse, the author decided to give us an open end, which I dislike.

Just tell us how the story ends, please. If we all took the time to read your story, why don’t your give us the decency of an ending? Good or bad, we’ll take it, but let the story end. Don’t leave it up to us to imagine what she will do.  Continue reading »