Lessons from the Second Week

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This is the beginning of Week 3 already. As I look back at Week 2, I can see improvement already. Our attitude is more professional, and we approach homeschooling with purpose. We can even take walks and reap the benefits of nature study by discovering plants and animals in our neighborhood.

One of my children finished her school work at 11:11am one day this week. This has only happened once before in our homeschool.

USA puzzle

Putting together a USA puzzle helps with learning the 50 states.

The other child finished his work around noon one day on the first week. Finishing this early may be rare, but it proves that it is possible. When you stay focused, and do not take a ten-minute break after every subject, and do not stop to pet the cat every two minutes, you can finish it all early. Continue reading »

Thoughtful Thursday Week 6 – More Guest Posts

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Happy Thoughtful Thursday!

Here are two more guest posts I wrote for two very interesting homeschooling blogs:

The titles pretty much speak for themselves. I think you know by now that it is my passion to encourage homeschooling moms to dare to teach a foreign language in their homeschool even if they do not speak it.

Thoughtful Thursday 6

On the other hand, I have a special interest in bilingual and trilingual moms who try to pass on their languages to their children. And yes, there are polyglot moms out there who still haven’t figured out how to do it.  Continue reading »