Sabbath Schooling For Real

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Last year, I blogged about Sabbath Schooling (that’s teaching for six weeks and taking the seventh week off) but I made it clear I did not apply it literally in our homeschool. This year, I decided to take it seriously. I dislike burnout as much as anybody else and taking breaks more often seems to be the formula to keep burnout from visiting us again and again.

Heritage Day Schedule

Seeing all the artisans and their crafts at Heritage Day reminded me of my book projects.

Of course, the children love it. They work very hard and a break feels good to them, too. Am I working them too hard? I don’t know. But they are getting older and starting to complain about school. It’s a sign I must be doing something right. Maybe. At any rate, my mission in life is not to keep my children happy. It is to make them competent. Continue reading »