Why Kindergarten Is The Toughest Year

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I have a theory which says that kindergarten is the toughest year. Let’s see… Where shall I begin? This is such an obvious statement to me, I have a hard time organizing all the bombarding thoughts that come to me in its support.

For starters, you are likely to be pretty new to homeschooling. If this is your first child, then you are a nervous wreck. You are scared by the whole enormity of taking on your child’s education as your personal responsibility and the negative words of Aunt Suzy or Grandma Thelma still ring through your ears. May the Lord bless all the Suzys and Thelmas of the world with more knowledge on the subject of homeschooling and sensitivity, right?

Girl counting with math teddy bears

My daughter, in Kindergarten this year, learning (playing?) with the math teddy bears.

Secondly, you probably think that every day that goes by without doing at least an hour of the 3 Rs is a wasted day. It is not, but you don’t really accept this if this is your first child. You will probably be more relaxed by the second child’s kindergarten year though.  Continue reading »