Thoughtful Thursday Week 31 – Homeschool 101

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A new school year is upon us. So many more people are considering homeschooling these days. I see questions on homeschool support Facebook groups or Yahoo groups all the time. Where do I start? Which curriculum should I get? What do you recommend for my fifth grader? What do I DO?

If you are just starting out and not sure which questions to even ask, click here for a 10-step process to divide and conquer homeschooling.

Homeschooling 101

As we started our third year homeschooling, I felt my own tension and apprehension and let-us-get-it-done spirit take over. What adds to my trepidation is that I have to figure out how to do school with two now. They are only in second grade and kindergarten, which means they need me to hover over them as they learn. By middle school, I hope to work toward more independent work, but until then I have to be there to teach them the 3Rs.  Continue reading »