Mom Monday Week 10 – 5 Benefits of Home Cooking

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Raise your hand if you are tired of cooking. I know I am. When one homeschools, one could be at home most days, which means one does not have the excuse of eating out because of convenience. Putting two children in the car is a lot less convenient than boiling water for pasta and opening a jar of marinara sauce, know what I mean?

In my home cooking burnout, no pun intended, I reached for a simple solution: sandwiches. Nobody complains. Especially not the cook.

Mom Monday Series - 5 Benefits of Home Cooking

As I recover from my boredom and re-discover the joy of cooking, I have to keep in mind that home cooking does have advantages over eating out. In no particular order…

1. Home cooked food is healthier than restaurant food. Research has shown that home cooked meals contain less fat and sugar than their restaurant counterparts.  Continue reading »