Story of the World, Vol. 2, Chapter 30

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Chapter 30 or India Under the Moghuls contains two stories. The kids are doing so much better with narration and by “kids” I mean my son, my oldest. He is eight and a rising third grader. I ask him to tell me the story in three sentences. I don’t expect my six-year-old to narrate.

Of course, my son gives me the story in more than three sentences. He is doing a lot better than I expected. If only I gave him a chance, right?

Girl dressed as an empress

Playing dress-up as an empress

Until about a month ago, I did not think that narration was something he could do. Or was I too much in a hurry to get things done that I did not have the patience to wait through his hesitating narration? I think it was more about my inadequacy than his. And that’s what you learn as a homeschooling parent. Sometimes – many times – it is not the child. It’s us, the parents. We mess up and then we think it’s the child.  Continue reading »