Thoughtful Thursday Week 4 – Guest Posting

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My word for 2015 is Less, so, this week, I will not post a long Thoughtful Thursday essay. Instead, I will give you links to guest posts I wrote for other blogs.

Thoughtful Thursday Week 4 - Guest Posting

They are as follows:

  • a post about how my children mix Romanian, French and English words in day-to-day life; the post is in Romanian for a Romanian blog called Despre Sufletul Meu. The title (translated into English) is Modern Education. Homeschooling is not legal in Romania and this dear blogger desired to introduce her readers to homeschooling and its many advantages.
  • a post about Multilingual Homeschooling through Books and Music over at Trilingual Mama, a blog written by my friend Maria, who speaks English, Spanish and French and lives in France.

I hope you enjoy the reading.