Free Ebook – 21 Days to Jumpstart Your Homeschool

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Is your homeschool running low on fuel? Do you need to connect to an external Power Source – the One Who called you to homeschool in the first place? Then get your copy of my FREE ebook, 21 Days to Jumpstart Your Homeschool.

Part devotional, part workbook, this step-by-step guide helps you achieve more and stress less. I wrote it to encourage fellow travelers on the homeshooling journey.

Convenient, compelling and clear-cut, 21 Days to Jumpstart Your Homeschool will quickly improve the health of your homeschool through fun, exciting and personalized exercises. Click on the book cover below to download or sign-up from the sidebar menu.

21 Days to Jumpstart Your HomeschoolThe effort it takes to homeschool your children can leave you running on your own juices. Bring new energy into your homeschool by reading and working through this free ebook. Download it now and uncover simple solutions for guaranteed results. (Already subscribed? Look for an email in your inbox later today, with the link to download the book.)