Free English-Russian Picture Book

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Today and tomorrow, Kitten in the Storm, my bilingual picture book, will be available for FREE on Kindle, in the English-Russian edition. This is the first volume in a series of children’s picture books which aims to teach vocabulary through a story. For this first volume, I used greetings and introductions.

Kitten in the Storm Kindle Book

Kitten in the Storm Kindle Book, English-Russian

Kitten in the Storm English-Russian was translated by a good friend of mine, Svetlana Rakova Striguniene. She and I had a lot of fun putting this together. I received good suggestions from her for the English text. As a German and English teacher by education, Svetlana knows a thing or two about languages and literature.

If you know anybody who is trying to learn Russian, please pass this along. This book, of course, can also be used by Russians trying to learn English. Reading is the key to learning and practicing vocabulary in any language.

Thanks for checking Kitten in the Storm English-Russian out!