Story of the World, Vol. 4, Chapter 25

Story of the World, Vol. 4, Chapter 25 covers armies in China. The first story talks about Japan, China, and a pretend emperor. The second story talks about the long march. It also introduces Chairman Mao to the children.

The Chrysanthemum throne paper craft

The Chrysanthemum throne paper craft

Having grown up under communism, this information is painful and very difficult to process. I cannot begin to tell you how badly I feel for Chinese people who still have to live under communism.

The children were appalled at all the information, the suffering of the people, the useless deaths, and the spin the communists put on reality. I emphasized to them that socialism is only one step away from communism and we need to be vigilant in this country.

It would be so easy to turn to the left and stay there. In fact, at times, when I look at the political activity in the US, I fear that the young generation unwittingly has embraced socialism and will not let go easily.

The activity we chose was the chrysanthemum throne. They colored and cut the chrysanthemum paper craft supplied in the Activity Book. Then, we taped them to their chairs in the school room. Done and done.

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