Story of the World, Vol. 4, Chapter 23

Story of the World, Vol. 4, Chapter 23 covers the Peace of Versailles and the rise of Joseph Stalin. The kids did not enjoy the injustice that occurred in the aftermath of World War I or the atrocities of Stalin. I emphasized that communism or socialism do not help the working class, although the chapter made that plain.

Kitten in Book Box

Our kitten likes the Story of the World, too.

It did not help that we adopted a kitten this week, either. It is two months old and has come to us from another homeschooling family. Our children have named him Smoky because we live in the Smoky Mountains. He is mostly black with white paws like socks and a bit of white around the chest and face. Saying that he is adorable would be an understatement.

Playing with Smoky is a nonstop activity now. How do we get anything done? Thankfully, he takes a lot of naps throughout the day. Sometimes, in our homeschool room, which is very cute.

For our activity, we chose “Where in the world is Vladimir Lenin?” Again, Smoky participated by putting himself over my daughter’s paper. We laughed a lot about it, and we made very slow progress. But progress we did make. See you in the next chapter!

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