Story of the World, Vol. 2, Chapter 14

I read Chapter 14 to the kids in the car, while my husband was driving us to the piano recital. It was my way of distracting everybody – especially myself – from nervousness. I think it worked. My kids did well on their recital, considering their age. It was my daughter’s first piano recital and she played two songs. My son played three songs. It was his second piano recital.

Homemade viking bread

Crusty, gritty and oh so yummy viking bread

Lots of nervousness going on and lots of dynamics among all of us, so I decided we needed to distract ourselves completely with history. 

Chapter 14 deals with the arrival of the Norsemen. There are two historical stories and two Nordic legends. Very interesting and useful information as we deal with today’s pop culture. I have not shown the kids movies like The Avengers, but Thor seems to be popping up everywhere these days, even in commercials. It helps to have a background on this character.

Viking Bread Dough

Viking bread before going into the oven to bake for one hour

The funny thing is, we managed to read everything but the last paragraph before we got to the recital hall. So we had to do a little re-cap a few days later and answer the questions and try a narration exercise.

Jam on viking bread

To take away the baking soda taste, try putting jam or even cranberry sauce on your viking bread

After that, I decided making viking bread was easier than trying to fold and paste together a viking boat. So here I go again, into the kitchen, cooking something for our history lesson. I actually enjoy this exercise. Just thought I’d make that clear, because I am not complaining. Crafts you can eat, that’s good. Crafts you have to store, not good. Crafts that must be thrown away (after all that hard work!) because of their odd shape and size, definitely not good.

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