Starting to Homeschool – Looking Back at 2013

Looking back at 2013, I can split the year in three sections, even though homeschooling is woven throughout:

1. January-May: preparing to start homeschooling in the fall, I spent my time reading and gathering curriculum. I taught the children in a gentle and relaxed way, with short lessons. We read a lot and worked our way through “Before Five in a Row.” They were both preschoolers.

My daughter gave herself a radical haircut in February and the incident haunted me for months. It still does, as her hair is still growing into what it used to be. I was running errands in town and my mom was watching my children. My mom forgot to put the scissors up. One can put the scissors up 99 times. It’s the 100th time one doesn’t, that the inevitable happens.

Children looking at a cat

My children at Camp Wesley Woods in Townsend, a few days after she cut her hair. This cat looks just like ours. They could not believe their eyes.

2. June-August: my sister, her husband, and their 14-year-old son spent the summer with us. She is a successful blogger in Romania and provided the much-needed inspiration and push for me to start blogging. Yay for older sisters who help younger sisters take new paths!

Extended family visiting Dollywood

From the left: the four of us, my sister, mom, nephew and brother-in-law. We enjoyed their company for almost three months – Europeans get amazingly long vacations, don’t they?

3. September-December: I started homeschooling my son officially, as he began kindergarten. My daughter is in preschool and I work with her too, according to her desire. She asks to do math every day.

Children being educated at home work on their projects at the dining room table.

My children working on their books in the beginning of the school year.

Homeschooling and blogging about it sure keep me busy. I enjoy it. I keep telling myself my children will grow up in a flash. Then, I will have all the time in the world to do whatever I might feel that I don’t have time for right now.

Looking Back at 2013

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3 thoughts on “Starting to Homeschool – Looking Back at 2013

  1. Mulțumesc pentru categoria în care m-ai înscris… blogger de succes… Succesul meu cel mai mare este că te-am făcut pe tine să scrii, se pare! 🙂
    Dar știi, vorba aceea… *și pentru un singur om ar fi murit Fiul lui Dumnezeu*. Așa că merita să mă fac blogger ca să fiu imbold pentru tine. 🙂
    Un an bun de *blogăreală* și copii cuminți la școală! 🙂

  2. I remember when my then nearly 3 year old got a hold of my scissors and cut her hair. I *had* put the scissors up. She dragged a chair over and climbed up onto the big table, and got them from where I put them out of her reach! *sigh*. At least hair grows back :D. Lovely pictures!

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