Sick Again

Have you ever gotten ill three times in two months? It seems like this upper respiratory virus keeps targeting our son, then it moves to our daughter and me. Thankfully, my husband never gets it.


Our daughter likes to create different characters. Meet Humphry.

Our son spent the week in bed, getting behind in all his school work. He barely had enough energy to check Slack and emails every day for communication purposes with his co-op teachers and Science Olympiad coaches and team partners.

Since I like to keep it all positive, I looked for the silver lining: at least it did not happen on a week when he had to take co-op pictures or orchestra pictures. Those are happening next week.

Also, it allowed me to spend more time with my daughter, keeping her assignments up-to-date and on track. We simply had more time to hang out, too, which allowed for more conversations which usually could not happen with big brother in the room.

My son was miserable and did not want to cough all over us. He stayed in his room and we checked on him regularly, which he appreciated.

Unfortunately, by Thursday, my daughter and I felt the virus, too. We survived on soup and tea and made sure to get plenty of bed rest.

Here’s another good thing that came out of it: I had a chance to watch the Fall Conference from the Institute for Excellence in Writing. Such a stupendous homeschool conference! I shall have to blog about it in a future post.

Every curriculum we have ever used from IEW has served our needs very well. I wish I had started using them earlier in my homeschooling career but oh well. Hindsight is 20/20. At least we are using their products now.

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