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Your homeschool must provide your students with service opportunities. Yes, strong academics are vital. Manual labor also helps students learn specific skills and, more importantly, work skills. But service keeps students balanced. Life is more than the accumulation of skills that can be exchanged for a profit in the future. Giving back rounds up the character and keeps students humble.

Bear-proof your campsite

By following regulations, we serve our fellow men and wild life.

In this Facebook Live event, I talked about why we need service opportunities for our students. It goes back to the Moore Formula: service time + manual labor time = academics time. The time you spend learning subjects equals the sum of the time spent in manual labor and the time spent in service.

I gave several ideas of service opportunities. Even during a pandemic, when we cannot access nursing homes for concerts, we can still write to the homebound members of our church or those in nursing homes. You can still clean the trash in the ditches of your neighborhood. You can make phone calls or Skype calls to grandparents. Grandparents love hearing from their grandchildren.

Call those who are in hospitals and who cannot receive a visit in person anymore. Be nice to people on social media. Instead of letting your opinions be known on all things politics online, just be kind and post a funny meme or a cute animal video. We can all use a chuckle or an awwww moment.

As usual, I kept it under 20 minutes, because I know you are busy. But you must listen to the entire presentation to get more ideas for your service opportunities.

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