Second Cubing Competition

Our son participated in his second cubing competition, which happened to be named Westminster Squaners. Why? Because the main event was Square-1 and the location was on the campus of Westminster School of Atlanta. Get it?

Westminster School campus

One of the many impressive buildings on the Westminster School campus

It was a tougher field than in his first cubing competition, so it gave him motivation to get better. He did not make the final in any of the events, but he improved his personal record in 2x2x2 and 3x3x3. Also, he qualified for Nationals for the pyraminx (based on time) and got official competition scores for the 4x4x4 and 5x5x5 – an important stepping stone in becoming a well-rounded cuber.

Cubing competition

Our son competing at Westminster Squaners

This expensive private school ($36,000 for grades 7-12, slightly less for the younger grades) lies in an expensive neighborhood about 10 minutes from downtown Atlanta. They boast 180 acres, over 300 faculty members, 1,880 students from 82 zip codes, and over $6 million in scholarships. With 30 or so majestic buildings, it really looks like a university campus, but they only cater to grades preK-12.

Blake Hall at Westminster School

Our son (left) walking towards the competition venue inside Blake Hall at Westminster School

Our son enjoyed meeting new competitors and making friends. He gained experience competing, judging, and watching others compete. Experience matters before he goes to Nationals.

Last but not least, he forgot one of his cubes there. The following week, through a combination of emails and phone calls, I was able to arrange for the school to send his cube back home. They were super nice about it. Even though their school year is over, many office staff are still working there for the summer months.

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