Reflections on 2018

In many ways, 2018 has been a crucial year for our homeschooling. Our oldest was 10 for most of 2018 and tackling fifth grade, which, where I come from, counts as middle school. I kept looking over my shoulder at the last five years (Where did they go?) since we started homeschooling. On the other hand, I also kept looking forward to the next eight (Can I do it? I think I can! I think I can!).

With Tennessee Governor and First Lady Haslam in Nashville at the Executive Mansion

My daughter and I got to meet Tennessee Governor and First Lady Haslam in Nashville at the Executive Mansion, where we had dinner with the Top 100 Readers of TN.

It feels like we are in the middle of our years with children at home. We have had children for 10 years (now 11) and we have another 10 to go to graduate our youngest, who is 8. If you cannot follow the math, it is my fault. My words fail me. The point is, I feel like we are in the middle of my homeschooling career, should I choose to accept this mission all the way through.

If I had any doubts about continuing through high school, Providence made quick work of them. People came out of the woodwork to tell me to take it all the way. Vendors approached me on the blog with products for people whose children are in high school, even though they knew my children were in intermediate school. My own health improved significantly to the point where I got back my energy to write books again. More on that later.

Mother daughter selfie

Nutcracker ballet selfie with daughter

We had some serious challenges with puberty, but I believe we prevailed with much prayer and supplication plus a few other ingredients which shall remain our secret recipe. All families must deal with their things in their way.

Mother son selfie

Park Vista Hotel 12th floor balcony selfie with son


Our daughter won a reading contest, so we got to meet Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam and First Lady Crissy Haslam in Nashville. On the other hand, our son introduced his orchestra in front of 1,600 people at the Tennessee Theater. He also wrote a book and won a cricket-spitting competition.

I will post a link to his book on Amazon in January, when it should be available for purchase. We attended our first Science Olympiad and the kids received several medals. They also attended their first taekwondo tournament and, again, they earned medals.

We got over some major attitude issues about playing the violin and doing orchestra. I am telling you, just stand your ground, parents. Do not negotiate with your little ones when they start saying they do not want to do music anymore. Adults who cannot play have told me they regret interrupting their lessons. Adults who can play are thankful their parents made them practice. That is it. It is that simple.

We hope you have a happy new year and a peaceful one, too! See you in 2019!

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3 thoughts on “Reflections on 2018

  1. Congrats on ten years well done! It sounds like it was a great year for your children in several areas. I’m happy to hear you have overcome some health concerns, gotten through rough practice periods, and discovered encouragement for homeschooling through the high school years. We have a baby and a preschooler as well as our nearly-middle school daughter and elementary son, so we’re not at the midway point yet, but i can relate to the peace that comes with having ten years of parenting experience! We’ve been through some brief bouts when violin practice was less fun, but my daughter is so glad she continues to play. I’m looking forward to following your family’s educational journey. Best wishes for joy and lovely learning in 2019!

    • You are so sweet! Congratulations on the latest addition! And thank you for the kind words. I thought of you the other day – probably telepathically, while you were commenting on my blog, wondering what you have been up to. Will have to get over to your blog and check out the latest.

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