Our Weekly Bread: 15 of 36

This week, we made dinner rolls. Just like that, I got tired of buying dinner rolls from the frozen section. We do not usually get them anyway. But for a big celebration like Thanksgiving or Christmas, we like to have dinner rolls on the table. We buy wheat rolls, which makes us feel like we make an effort towards health. However, I feel like we should step it up a notch.

Dinner Rolls

Dinner rolls, fresh out of the oven

Enter this recipe for dinner rolls I shall tell you about. I have had this recipe in a cookbook somebody gave me when I graduated from college. Ah, the good old days when people gave me cookbooks for a graduation gift.

I have a stand-up mixer. It’s a KitchenAid. I do not use it enough. Therefore, I decided to look for recipes that require a stand-up mixer. Don’t you dislike paying for technology you do not use?

Before Baking

My dinner rolls as they went into the oven

I baked some in an iron skillet and some in glass bakeware. Not sure what the difference is. It’s just what I had handy.

To be succint, the rolls turned out well. I just made too many. This recipe feeds an army, or so it seems. Hopefully we can consume them all before they get old. I do not like to throw food away.

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