Mom Monday Week 26 – Positive Thoughts

Back in 2005, I got into real estate. Big breath.

As I was joining the ranks of real estate agents, a friend told me, “Get into real estate and get right back out. The bubble is about to burst.” He was right, though it took him three years to be right. 

On the other hand, I became a mom in 2007. Pregnancy slowed me down. Caring for a newborn who did not sleep for the first year of his life brought me to a halt.

I kept my license. I did not jump out of real estate. I just put it on the back burner.

mom monday wk26

When my second baby was born, I finally accepted I did not have what it takes to show property with a baby in tow. Plus, I was not comfortable with my three-year-old being in Mother’s Day Out or with a sitter. My husband was busy at work, so he could not keep him, either.

Then came the call to homeschool. Now any career thoughts were out of the question. I embraced homeschooling as my new career.

I could look back on my real estate efforts and dismiss them as a waste of my time. That would be negative thinking.

As a homeschooling mom, I must keep up with technology to be informed. As a homeschooling blogger, I must be able to handle 100+ emails every day. As a homemaker, I must stay organized if I want to get things done. Real estate taught me these skills or added to them if I already had them.

Positive thinking looks at the past and sees everything as a stepping stone that brought you here and now.

So keep it positive. Frame your past in a positive light. Find 10 things to be thankful for every morning. Even secular people can do that. How much more those of us who have tried and tasted that the Lord is good.

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