Merry Christmas 2023

From our homeschool to yours, Merry Christmas for 2023! May your wishes come true this holiday season and throughout the rest of the school year!

Merry Christmas

We are staying home for Christmas, enjoying each other, Santa’s gifts, lots of yummy food and maybe a cup of hot cocoa (or two). The day after Christmas we have friends and family over for a festive lunch.

I have been enjoying cooking with my daughter and involving my son in preparing the house for guests. ‘Tis good when they are old enough to help and not hinder, you know what I mean?

We are still doing history together because it is fun to read in the morning, after the devotional. Plus, we did not finish volume 1 of our US History curriculum, so we are trying to catch up during the Christmas break.

My son wanted to continue with his math lessons, so I still do math with him. Maybe not every day, but most days. We laugh a lot, so it feels like a fun time of mother and son bonding. Algebra II is not scary at all.

My daughter still takes harp lessons every week through December, so she has to practice for it every day. Therefore, I considered her “busy enough” not to require her to catch up on her math. We can always do two lessons in one sitting as needed during the second semester.

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