Thoughtful Thursday Week 50 – Looking Ahead to 2016

Do you have plans already for 2016? Have you started looking ahead? I have not, but I came across a wonderful planning workbook and thought I would share it with you. I saved it for myself and plan on filling it out in the next few weeks, before 2016 rushes in upon us.

Thoughtful Thursday - Looking Ahead

Some of you may be familiar with Live Your Legend, Scott Dinsmore’s community of people who want to do work they love. We homeschooling parents are doing work we love. So I think we fit right in. Even though this workbook is not specific to homeschoolers (or any other profession), it will help you define your educational (and otherwise) plans for the following calendar year. 

You may also remember Scott lost his life in a tragic accident in Africa. His widow is continuing his legacy and here’s something I learned from her: we are so much stronger than we think. She had to peel herself off Kilimanjaro knowing her husband just died. She had to get on a plane and deal with things we never want to think about – the process of memorializing a husband, a friend, a lover, a business partner. But she said, we are so much stronger than we think.

So I want to encourage you now, as you may be tired and harried and you may not exactly feel like setting goals for the new year. Save this workbook on your computer and let it sit there for a few days. Pray about it, and pull it out when your energy is back up.

Then you will be ready to tackle it.

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