Lessons from the Twenty-First Week

Last week, we started school back up, along with orchestra, violin lessons, taekwondo, and the Wild + Free Great Smoky Mountains hikes. We should have started piano as well, but what do you know? My car battery got drained mysteriously. The car would not start on the day of the piano lesson. We had to cancel and change the car battery first, before anything else.

W+F Picnic

Wild and Free group picnic, on the Gatlinburg Trail

It was really neat to be out in nature with our W+F group. The fellowship, the fresh air, sunshine, and relaxed pace really do the mind good. One of the moms told me about this book, “Mere Motherhood,” and later lent it to me. I am reading it and taking notes. It is that good.


The other lesson

Later in the week, we traveled to Lebanon, TN – 30 miles outside Nashville – to attend the Friendship Invitational with our science olympiad team. The kids learned a lot from the experience. Our team, Cedar Springs Homeschool Group, placed second out of 27 teams.

Cedar Springs Homeschool Science Olympiad Team

Cedar Springs Homeschool Science Olympiad Team

While there, they told us the area was under a tornado watch. The wind was fierce, it was unseasonably warm (65F), and it rained cats and dogs. We prayed several times for safety, but the show had to go on. The organizers told us how to react if we hear the siren. They had a shelter in place, too.

Thankfully, we never had to take steps in that direction. By 11:30am or so, the tornado watch was over. We could move between buildings and continue with the schedule. I knew I could not deal with the stress of both science olympiad and a tornado watch. So I chose to ignore the latter. I stayed focused on the schedule and decided, if we heard a siren, then I would do what everybody else is doing. There’s a lesson in there somewhere.

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