Lessons from the 31st Week of Instruction

We started school again last week and I will write about it as the 31st week of instruction, to differentiate it from last week’s post. After our spring break last week, we were all ready for more book learning, though the kids would not admit it freely.

Boy works in yard

Trimming some large weeds with large shears.

Girl working in yard

Our daughter enjoyed using an axe to bring down a weed that looked like a small tree.

No lessons happened outside the home, as we are still dealing with COVID-19 as a nation. This was our second week of staying at home in order to follow the President’s 15 Days to Slow the Spread guidelines. The kids are finally feeling the stress of the pandemic and of beeing cooped up at home. Even though we have a nice yard and we utilize it for several hours a day, weather permitting, they feel cabin fever.

By starting homeschooling again, they were able to channel their attention onto math and language arts. As any other first week after a break, it was not smooth at first. But they rallied and did their work in the end.

We finished Anne of Green Gables and started Anne of Avonlea. This represents our read-aloud time. I read to them while they listen. My daughter likes to color while she listens. Sometimes I have them read a page out loud, just to give them oral practice. They read a lot of other books to themselves in their alone time.

The only enrichment activity we can do right now is violin lessons, via Skype. Throughout this great struggle with the coronavirus we are praying more and talking through the fear and possible scenarios. Family bonds are strengthening, I think.

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