Happy 4th of July!

Is it for real? Is it July already? In 2016? Incredible. Time flies like never before. As a friend of mine wrote on Facebook the other day, “Let’s pretend I don’t like summer time.” In her picture, my friend was surrounded by her three sons and her husband, by the pool. Ha ha! I love summer time, too.

July 4th tofu cheesecake

Festive tofu cheesecake I made for the 4th of July celebrations at our house.

We live in a tourist town which notoriously puts on the first 4th of July parade in the nation. We have not taken the kids to see it, because it is at midnight. Plus, we can see it on TV. What’s more, we would have to arm ourselves with what it takes to deal with crowds and traffic. 

This year, we had another excuse: our son came back from Adventure Camp a little bit hoarse and it seems like he has a sore throat which is going into a cough.

We decided it was better for him to go to bed early on the evening of July 3rd instead of staying up to watch the parade. We all went to bed early and got some much needed rest. I cooked a lot yesterday and will be cooking some more today. It’s fun.

I’m also motivated because I want the kids to have wonderful memories of holidays spent with their mom and dad surrounded by love and good food.

Having said that, one of these years we will have to take them to downtown Gatlinburg so that they can watch the parade and the fireworks. Then, there’s always Knoxville. They have a wonderful show put on by the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra and lots of activities for children before the fireworks end the evening with a boom. One day.

Until then, we stay put with lots of things to read and do at the house. Coding is a big deal right now for our kids and they use Scratch. We are still finishing up our history curriculum and starting back up with our instrument practice, after a two-week vacation from piano and a one-week vacation from violin.

Oh, and we plan to have a little fun with fireworks of our own. Daddy and the kids picked some fun fireworks recently in Pittman Center. If it’s anything like last year, great fun will be had by all. Happy 4th!

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