Fire Prevention Week

October 9-15 is Fire Prevention Week in the United States. Most cities organize parades and information workshops to mark this important event. We can all use a fire drill now and then. Since our children are not in a school setting, where they do actual fire drills, we should all, as homeschooling parents, make sure we cover this important safety topic.

Fire Safety Game

Download the PDF and play this game with your children to teach fire safety.

We have taught our children what to do in the event there is a fire. We have an escape route and a meeting place outside. Of course, we check our smoke detector batteries regularly.

Many videos online can help your children understand fire safety better. My children watch Danger Rangers and they have actually taught me some things. Or, at least, they have surprised me by telling me out of the blue about something they learned on Danger Rangers. 

The other day, in the kitchen, my daughter asked me if I used to put pan handles toward the back of the stove when they were babies and toddlers. Yes, I used to do that, and I even used to put the pans and pots on the back burners, just so I could put them out of their reach, I told her.

She then told me that she saw something about that on Danger Rangers. I was glad all over again that we found a great educational cartoon series for them. It was a sweet moment and it did remind me of the times when they were so helpless and small and reaching for everything.

Here’s a game you can play with children, called Fireman Says, to instill the best responses to what can happen during a fire. Click on the link and scroll to the bottom to download the PDF. It was created by, where you can also read alerts about nightgown recalls. Children look so cute in PJs and nightgowns, but we should never forget to check these garments for fire safety standards.

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  1. Thank you so much for this. I will be having a fire talk with my kids tomorrow morning over breakfast. Thank you!

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