Family Activities For All Ages

Making time for family activities isn’t always easy to do. If it isn’t prior commitments and the general pressures of modern life holding you back, it’s the sheer fact of having to find family activities which everyone will enjoy.

Driving toward mountains

Great Smoky Mountains in the distance are always a great family destination.

When your children’s ages cover a wide range, it is even harder to find something that everyone will be willing to give a go. If you can manage it though, your family time will benefit greatly as a result. The following family activities are guaranteed to raise smiles all round.

The United States is home to a diverse range of scenery. There are scenes of outstanding natural beauty all across the nation. No matter where in the US you live, it is all but guaranteed that you will have access to some kind of worthwhile scenery. Hiking is a great family activity. Not only is it the perfect opportunity for some family bonding, it will also help you all to get some exercise and keep fit.

Another great thing about hiking is that you can combine it with a variety of other activities. For example, bring a camera out with you and encourage your kids to try their hand at photography. This will get them to think about their surroundings and to interact more with their environment.

Bowling is one of those timeless activities that still possesses the same charm today as 50 years ago. Advances in technology, as well as changing consumer expectations, have meant that many once popular pastimes have fallen by the wayside. Bowling has proven resilient to these pressures.

In fact, for many people, it is this retro feel that they like the most about bowling. Kids of all ages, and even adults, can enjoy a round of bowling.

Many bowling alleys still have an attached laser tag area. Talk about some real retro fun!

Escape Room
Escape rooms are a new craze which has been sweeping to world. We saw them in Stockholm and my sister tells me they have them in Romania. Even in Sevier County, where I live, I spotted at least one in Pigeon Forge or Sevierville.

Participants in an escape room have to solve a series of puzzles in order to, well, escape from a room. These escape rooms are often themed, although some are set up purely as puzzles to be solved. Check out this Indianapolis Escape Room for an example.

Escape rooms make a nice change of pace from the usual activities you might do with your family. They are highly interactive and encourage creative and critical thinking, if you are not claustrophobic.

This makes the escape room experience a valuable one for children of all ages. You should check ahead as different escape rooms will have different age restrictions.

It isn’t easy finding activities which are suitable for the entire family, especially when there is a wide range of ages involved. The above activities are some of the most universally enjoyable and should appeal to everyone, regardless of their age.

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