East TN Children’s Hospital Mural

Last year in August, we met up with several homeschoolers from our area to paint. A coordinator from East Tennessee Children’s Hospital explained we were free to paint anything we wanted on this page, as long as we covered it all with color. We were not allowed to have white patches on it.

East TN Children's Hospital Mural

East TN Children’s Hospital Mural

We filled out some paperwork which detailed our grades, names, and details about the meaning of the painting. We were told the hospital was under renovation and one of the new things they were going to feature was a huge mural, made up by children all over East Tennessee.

So the way it worked was that their art people would put all the pictures in such a way that there will be one big picture but you could still locate your individual piece of art in that mural.

Last weekend, they had a grand opening to finally reveal the mural, but we could not attend. November is a busy month for us, with orchestra concerts, birthdays, lots of school work and reading, and, of course, Thanksgiving. I have become increasingly picky in terms of adding new items onto our calendar.

But, there’s always the internet. We received an email about being able to locate our artwork in the mural and we were very impressed with the software. Here’s a link to my piece of the mural, my son’s, and my daughter’s.

You can zoom in and out of the mural by following the prompts on the screen. It was a great experience and maybe one day we will take the time to go into the hospital and see the mural in person.


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