DIY Sewing: You Won’t Believe How Much You Can Save!

Considering learning to sew? Go for it! Not just a fun hobby, sewing can also help save you money. Here are just a few of the ways you can save by sewing:



Mend clothes

Sewing machines won’t just save you money — they’ll save you time as well, there are lots of different models to choose from, so take your time! Who wants to run to a seamstress every time you pop a button or tear your jeans? Mending clothes yourself will save you some cash and give you the satisfaction of doing it on your own as well.

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Craft it up

No need to head to the toy store for every birthday or Christmas present anymore! Sew your children dolls, stuffed animals and dress-up clothes. When the kids are old enough to use the machine themselves, teach them how to make a simple patchwork quilt or pillow.


Sew your own

You can also make clothes for you or your kids’ yourself. Simply head to the nearest fabric store and purchase a few yards of fabric and a pattern. Or, if you want to get even thriftier, sew old towels or sheets together to make a robe or curtains. Pillowcases make for great cushion covers as well!


Home repairs

Another great way to save money is sewing your own home repairs. Having a sewing machine in the home makes it possible for you to fix things that, had you not owned a machine, may have been thrown out otherwise. If the seam of the bean bag chair splits, simply stitch it yourself. An oven mitt tears? You’ll have it mended within five minutes on the sewing machine.



Make gifts

These thoughtful, homemade crafts can turn into gifts for the grandparents, cousins or friends. Not only will these home-sewn presents put a smile on their recipients’ faces, but they’ll probably last longer than factory-made items as well!



So, grab your favorite spool of thread and get to work!



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