Courthouse Rock Hike

Our first hike this year with the homeschooling group happened last week. The weather has been so uncooperative, that we barely had any hikes this year. And when there was a hike, we were either ill or doing Spelling Bee or some other activity that had already been planned.

Mom, daughter, son, waterfall

By the waterfall

This trail amazed us. Located only 25 minutes away from our house, in the National Park, it offers everything you might want in a trail. Some flat areas, some vertical terrain, views, boulders, creek, trees, wild flowers, everything. The weather felt like summer. I dressed in layers, which helped, but it shocked me how hot it got – 75F!

The Park does not maintain this trail, so we had to climb over many fallen trees. Enough people travel this trail though, you can see the path. One of my friends has the AllTrails app on her phone and we followed instructions.

Lunch tasted so delicious at the Courthouse Rock. We moms talked among ourselves while the children hung out together. Young children always stick close to their moms, but the older ones explore on their own within shouting distance.

Rock with a view

This rock boasts panoramic views.

Is it possible to accumulate enough knowledge in only four days a week? Many people reassure me that yes, it is possible. I am walking this road by faith. When I decided that one day a week we will do “nature school” and, thus, hike with this group, I knew we needed it. But doubt creeps in now and then and I need reassurance.

I guess only time will tell. This Courthouse Rock trail has started our 2022 year of nature school on a very positive note.

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