Book 21 of 50 – Learn Chess

Learn Chess by John Nunn gave me great insight into the game of chess. Written for absolute beginners, the book provides the rules and all the strategies needed to become proficient in chess and go to the next level.

Learn Chess by John Nunn

This book will take you from absolute beginner to worthy opponent

I thought I knew how to play chess and taught my children the way the pieces moved when they were very little. My father had taught me how to play when I was a child. We even had a book about it (Primii Pasi in Sah by Elisabeta Polihroniade). I never finished that book as a child though.

Well, my daughter started beating me when she was eight or even earlier, because she would whip a knight around the board and capture my pieces. She would not checkmate my king, but I would have to surrender due to significant material disadvantage.

Now, my son likes chess and has learned some openings and middle game strategies. He checkmates my king pretty fast. It is pretty humbling, so I decided to up my game by reading Nunn’s book.

The exercises at the end of each chapter help me a great deal, because I already know the basics of the game. I just need to get to the next level, so I can give my kids a worthy adversary type of experience.

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